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Two top filmmaking cities.
One Goal.

Cheyenne Petrich and Rebecca Friedman founded Duplexity Productions with one goal in mind: to bring human, pertinent, and catalytic stories to all screens alike. 

With a shared vision, a commonality of work ethic, and an adept shorthand, the duo has had formidable opportunities to hone their knowledge through incredible experiences and collaborations. Along the way Duplexity has learned that working with aligned individuals and companies can take the right project from the ground level to exceeding expectations. We at Duplexity are excited by passion, talent, and content that is certain to be consumed and enjoyed by diverse audiences.

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JULY 2019

The ”Fourth Wall” by definition is an invisible wall that separates actors from an audience. It’s meant to keep a world closed to us viewers while we exercise imagination and empathy to connect. In our opinion, the Fourth Wall extends to the film industry. It veils a connection to a world full of dedicated & passionate people. We are looking to defame the infamy of the industry and let those who love their work and love film, have their to chance to discuss their journey and break down the wall.

These short form interviews are a way to display a wide array of talent from people above and below the line in the film industry to talk directly to the audience, to impart their unique journeys, successes, failures, hopes, and dreams on to the viewers.


In the immediate aftermath of a breakup, the spectrum of human emotions is likely to rear it’s head.

This project was created for Musicbed to showcase Eric Kinny’s song ‘Last Goodbye feat. Danica Dora’.

JULY 2019

‘Tidal Waves’ is a comedy about a deaf single mother who has just emerged from a drawn-out divorce. Over lunch, she is encouraged by her free-spirited best friend to dive back into the dating pool. This movie features two female leads, and the majority of the dialogue is in ASL.